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Cremona MapTo find Carlo's violins in Italy:

Via Bertesi No 4
26100 Cremona

Cremona has always been considered as a city which gave birth to the greatest violin-makers of any time.

The importance of these exceptional masters is confirmed nowadays as in the past because the greatest violinists play instruments made by Stradivari or Guarneri del Gesù.

The violin appears in the first half of XVI century and Andrea Amati was the first of the Cremonensis violin-makers who gained importance in the manufacture of the bow instruments.

This theory is upheld by the year of Andrea Amati’s birth, around 1505, and re-evaluates the importance ascribed to the city of Brescia as the birth-place of the violin with Gasparo Bortolotti da Salò, who was born in 1540. Moreover, the group of instruments commissioned to Andrea Amati by Carlo IX of France, shortly after the first half of XVI century, demonstrates that the art of the Cremonensis violin-maker was known beyond the Italian borders when Gasparo da Salò was only twenty.