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We have over 25 years of experienced with fully qualified teachers to teach children, teens, and adults in both English and French. We offer classical violin lessons to the beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Day and Evening spots are available. Please contact us for more information.

Handcrafted Violins for Sale
Copy of Antonio Stradivari Greffuhle (1709), Made by Carlo Nicolo Loso (2004)

Antique Violin for Sale
Antonio Maria Lavazza, Milano (1720 - 1730), Certified by Dario D' Attilli

CTV news documentary

A variety of instruments are available for all levels of musicians from the beginner student to the professional. We welcome you to visit our store to view the selection of stringed instruments and other related products.

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K. Loso Violins
Mr. Carlo (Károly) Nicolo Loso
1224 Walkley Road
Ottawa, Ontario
K1V 6P8
T 613-233-5406

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